Review Posting

At LOCAL SEO, we do Review Posting. Review Posting refers to posting a positive review for your business across directory listings. This also means replying to an existing negative review and posting positive feedback from consumers. Some of the popular directory listings where review posting can be done are as:

  • Google Business Places
  • Foursquare
  • Yahoo Local, among others.

However, since fake reviews bring bad name to your business, can be easily detected and removed, and moreover, are unethical and illegal, we at LOCAL SEO emphasise the usage of genuine and honest reviews through genuine user profiles. We also focus on the usage of correct keywords in the reviews. Other than this, we at LOCAL SEO, encourage you to ask your customers to write reviews for you online. Our main efforts are divulged in tackling negative reviews without the thought that healthy criticism is okay and the services can always be improved upon.

Review Posting is important nevertheless, since nowadays users rely heavily on these reviews to make their mind about a local business before availing their services or products. Thus, review posting directly has an impact on revenue of business. Needless to say, business owners must emphasise on providing quality products and services in order to get positive reputation. This encourages and motivates your users to post positive reviews about you as well.

Positive Reviews attract users to your website, resulting in an increase in organic traffic. They also help in increasing and inculcating your brand value.

Reviews are also a factor in determining the ranking of the website linked to your business within the local search engines. Positive reviews improve the SERP ranking, which also leads to an increase in customers for your business.

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