Why my Business is Not Ranking In Google’s Local Results

Local SEO is about how to modify the rank of your website for the local audience. It is very important to rank in Local Google SEO results and on Google Maps because it can increase the traffic on your website.  If you have a local or small business, it is very important to rank in Local Google SEO results and Google maps. This can boost your visibility and traffic.

You must want to know about how Google determines your local ranking or how you can rank higher or increase your ranking on Google Maps? There may be a lot of reasons for this and that’s why we have decided to outline the main reasons on why your business is not ranking in the Google local SEO results ad Google Maps. Before anything let us first understand about Local Google SEO pack-


Without a strong SEO strategy, it is very difficult to rank in the local search results. Optimizing your website means to make certain that people must be able to find you in real life by using Google local search results or Google map. Even if you are not getting a lot of visitors in your area but want to target an audience located in the same geographical area you must optimize for that area. This is called “local SEO”.  Ranking in Google Local SEO results is very important and it can bring outcomes that are very important for the success of your small business.

Here is a list of some of the reasons on why your local SEO is not working, how to fix it and how to rank higher on Google Maps-

Local SEO Fail #1: Poor Listing Accuracy

Listing accuracy is a method of Google’s which is used for determining whether it can trust a local business search result or not. Poor listing accuracy is the first and main reason on why your local SEO is not working.  Listing accuracy can help Google to understand better than where your business is located.  Listing accuracy starts with NAP- Name, Address, and Phone number. Though these are the core components but additional items such as categories, reviews and photos can help in adding quality signals to your listings.

Local SEO Fail #2: Lack of Local Inbound Links

Local inbound links include links from sources such as local sponsorships, local blogs, media outlets etc. It means to get links from high quality and trusted local websites. If you want to promote your business you must implement local SEO tactics to reach your would-be customers.

Here are few benefits of local SEO links

  • Completely free
  • Converts searches into purchases
  • Increased website traffic
  • Reach every customer
  • Very simple

Local SEO Fail #3: Lack of Website Authority

The authority of a website explains its significance for a particular industry or subject area. This has a straight impact on its rank by search engines.  A lot of things are responsible for the lack of website authority, few of them are-

Suspicious link building

Too many spammy backlinks

All technical SEO is NOT up-to-date


Massive keyword stuffing

Lack of activity

For boosting local rankings it is very important to combine great content, website design and earning inbound links.

Local SEO Fail #4: Site doesn’t have locally Targeted Content Sets

The best way to earn local citations and links and to prove local SEO value is by making local content sets including-

  • Interviewing Local Business Owners
  • Taking Local Photography
  • Reporting on Local Event
  • Creating Local Guides

Local SEO Fail #5: A Poor Website Design

Most local companies fail at this point. They fail to create a great website design that’s why even after attracting visitors from Google, most companies bounce.  Here are a few qualities that a website must have-

  • Great content that’s easy to find, navigate and share
  • Appropriate to the topic
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Proper use of animation
  • The design elements don’t get in the way of the content
  • In-depth Content
  • Social Integration

Poor website designs are not always the fault of business owners. They just don’t know anything about great design. If you’re planning to design a website for you or want to redesign of your current website, make certain to choose the right web design partner.

Local SEO Fail #6: Lack of Local Citations

Citation means mention. In simple SEO terms, Local Citation means where your company is specified on other websites found on the web. Local citations are used in helping you to rank in local search results. This helps Google understand how involved you are with your local community and also helps define what your local business does.

Local SEO Fail #7: Inaccurate or Incomplete Google My Business Page

Indications from your Google My Business page can provide the most helpful local ranking features that can boost your rank on Google maps and your local SEO rankings also. Errors with Google My Business Page can prevent your business information from appearing on add campaigns, search and Google maps.