How important is social media?

So, you get all your new clients online already or maybe you do direct mail or print ads and that works fine for your business. Why bother with another avenue of advertising if what you do already work? What if you told to make bread with yeast, would you? And there is no doubt that you answer would be no. then consider social media as the yeast to your already successful or unsuccessful business. Social media is the easiest way to get a lot of publicity with paying a dime and help your business experience considerable growth.

Now how does it work?

So simply put when you acquire a client you ask them to give you thumbs up and be added to their circle of friends on their social media account. Their friend goes to their own account and notice that your client added you to their social account. So if your client has 100 of friends, now you may have 100 new sets of eye `balls seeing your company name and product offerings. When these new people decide that they need what you have to offer you have increased your chances of being the business of choice to meet their needs. And as these new clients decide that you are a great business to work with, then they may also add you to their account and now you have even more people who may notice your business, and products. This process can keep going endlessly.

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