What You Need to Do to Create High Quality Backlinks?

Building backlinks
For any web page to be ‘ranked’ in the search engines and attract visitors it’s essential it has backlinks. Backlinks have three key properties, the source from which the backlinks originate, the anchor text of the backlinks and the content of the page to which the backlinks sends the visitor to.
The amount of backlinks
The majority of search engines appraise the volume of backlinks to a page when deciding where this page should be displayed in the search results.
The origin of the backlinks
The pages from which backlinks originate pass ‘authority’ and visitors to the page to which the backlinks point. So it follows that with backlinks from authoritative pages will receive fairer consideration from the search engines. Government (gov) and educational (edu) sites are real examples of sites that are authoritative and trustworthy.
Google Page Rank
Backlinks from web pages with high page rank (a value given by Google to each page that it considers over a period to have attracted, sustained and continued accumulating relevant backlinks) pass some of their page rank via the backlink to the target page.
The ‘anchor text’
Just like a label, the backlink anchor text influences the search engines valuation of the backlink. Relevance is the first principle for most search engine software and it follows if the information on the page is about ‘drying chillis” then it is from a search engine’s perspective, more valuable for the backlink’s anchor text to this page to contain the word ‘chilli’ as opposed to a related term such as ‘drying spices’.
Common problems
It’s not rare for newbie’s to confuse the quantity with the quality of backlinks and easily be frustrated by their lack of progress For example if all of your backlinks to your ‘parenting’ page originate from pages not related to ‘parenting’ then whilst you have backlinks they will almost always bring you the wrong traffic.
How to create backlinks
So, let talk about the safe method for acquiring backlinks that will make the search engines love you and bring quality and appropriate traffic to your web site.
It is critical you select the right keywords before you expend any effort whatsoever.
You always set out to put together a keyword cloud.
You should always start by identifying a key word or phrase which has a constant and high amount of traffic.
To work out the volume of visitor traffic is being coming from searches for top level keyword you should use the Google keyword analyzer tool.
You analyze words and search phrases relative to primary phrase and build ‘cloud’.
You then manufacture content in the form of articles and videos in which you have embedded backlinks with the correct ‘anchor text’ to your ‘money’ or ‘target’ page and send these to a wide range of content directories.
The guiding principle is to author content that will attract visitors and compel them to follow the backlinks to your target pages as well as send backlinks.