Social Media Optimization

At Online Promotions, we are dedicated to deal of optimized social media campaigns to help large businesses in crafting a brand and promoting their productsand services. In our Social Media Optimization (SMO)  promotions, we comprise activities like Facebook Promotion,MySpace Presence,Linkden Profile etc.

Is SMO really as simple to define as making your site visible in the social media?
Does that entail anyway possible and include buying banner ads on MySpace?
he lays out 5 rules for SMO

  1. Increase Your Linkability
  2. Make Tagging and Bookmarking easy
  3. Reward Inbound Links
  4. Help Your Content Travel
  5. Encourage the Mashup

In way it sounds a whole lot like Marketing 2.0. It is pretty much includes all the new marketing techniques that are becoming popular rolled into one, techniques such as; Linkbaiting, Usability Design, Buzz Marketing, Community Building, and anything that can be considered “pull marketing”.


Social Media Marketing Plan
The following tasks are organized by social platform.
There are two sections for each social site:
. Social Account Creation and Design
. Social Media Managing
You can mix and match just the services you need for your project.

Facebook Business Page Creation

Monthly Activities:
• 5 Cover images developed with your existing images and agreed upon text. These will be rotated once a month or agreed upon schedule
• All settings adjusted, Admins connected, username created
• 3 Linked Facebook posts (image + text + link) per week, M-W-F, to the Page. These are posts that have already been created on a blog or website.
• 2 simple posts a week, Tuesday and Thursday, to the Page. These are simple questions and fill-in-the-blank types of posts
• Monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and postings replies on the Page
• Interacting with other targeted Pages as your Page for increased visibility and
• Facebook Page growth once a week. A list of these Pages, or a keyword to find them in search is needed for this task.
• Change cover image once a month or agreed upon schedule

Twitter Account Creation:

Monthly Activities:
• Open account(s) with agreed upon username and full name
• 160 character bio developed with keywords and extra URLs
• Photo uploaded, background image uploaded
• Optional: If you need a background image created
• Follow up to 400 people on your behalf by keyword and/or location
• Research and suggest 10 hashtags for marketing based on your business niche
• Facebook Page posts auto-post to designated Twitter accounts
• Manually following other targeted tweeters to grow your following. Following a
minimum of 50 new people per week targeted by keyword
• 10 tweets/day
• Actively Re-tweeting and commenting on your behalf

YouTube Channel Creation:

Monthly Activities:
• Creating or using an existing Gmail account to open new YouTube Channel
• Design the Channel; format, description, background image upload
• Optional: If you need a background image create
• Creating 3 Playlists for social marketing tasks
• SEO for Channel and template for video SEO
• Uploading and optimizing YouTube videos with keywords, titles, and descriptions
• to be found and drive traffic
• Managing YouTube comments by answering posts and removing spam as needed
• Adding your created videos to designated playlists
• Adding other channels videos to designated playlists

Pinterest Account Creation:

Monthly Activities:
• Creating a new account with the business name and description
• Creating up to 10 Boards; title and descriptions will need to be approved
• Populating those 10 Boards with existing content
• Following 50 people targeted by keyword
• Adding 5 pins a week from existing content
• Re-pinning 5 pins a week from other people/business Boards
• Replying to comments, adding 5 comments a week

Google+ Personal Account and Page Creation:

Monthly Activities:
• Personal account creation and/or revitalization
• Profile page developed, images uploaded
• Training on how to use Picasa for Instant Upload to account
• Local G+ Page found and Claiming Process started
• System created for auto-posting Google+ updates directly to Twitter account
• 10 Circles created for marketing and research
• One status update/day that auto-posts to client’s Twitter account
• One Shared post/day from A-List person in client’s niche
• Add people to designated Circles

• Reports for ALL Contracted Social Accounts
• Monthly PDF report on traffic, interactions, demographics and growth.
• Monthly conference call to assess needs and maintain open communication